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How to Get Unstuck in a Your Life and Your Business. Principles That Guide You To The Top...
Manifest Any DREAM With This Playbook
8 Principles Of Pure Motivation That Will Keep You On Track Toward Your DREAMS
8 Principles of Pure Motivation that will keep you on track toward your DREAMS
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Rod Smith

Rod Smith is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, and American Football Legend. He played 14 years in the NFL and retired with all the records for a non-drafted player. Just like his football career, Mr. Smith had to fight, claw, and scratch his way from the projects in Texarkana, Arkansas to the become a two-time Super Bowl Champion and soon to be in the Hall of Fame. He is a highly sought after spokesman for several fortune 500 companies like the Denver Broncos, FedEx, Visa, Cadillac, Nike, and Intuit to name a few. He earned three college degrees in business.

Growing up poor was a very humbling experience for Mr. Smith. As he climbed out of the ghetto to get full scholarships to college, he documented the process along the way.
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