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The eight simple philosophies that took Rod Smith from the projects to NFL Super Bowl stardom. After he fully mastered these principles, he knew it was time to publish them for others to use. Too many people are lost; they lack guidance and a strong support system to help them achieve the life they desire and deserve. Included, you’ll find stories of the real life struggles and successes Rod experienced, and perhaps in them you’ll discover answers you've been seeking to your own questions.
Manifest Any DREAM With This Playbook
8 Principles Of Pure Motivation That Will Keep You On Track Toward Your DREAMS
8 Principles of Pure Motivation that will keep you on track toward your DREAMS
How Bad Do You 
Want It?
Learn Who's At Fault  You Are Not Winning
Are You Around Chickens or Eagles?
Speak It Into Existence 

The GPS For All You Want To Become
The Truth Shall Set You FREE
#7 NEVER______
Certain Things You Should NEVER Do
The Ultimate Multiplier
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Mr. Smith
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Rod Smith

Rod Smith is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, and American Football Legend. He played 14 years in the NFL and retired with all the records for a non-drafted player. Just like his football career, Mr. Smith had to fight, claw, and scratch his way from the projects in Texarkana, Arkansas to the become a two-time Super Bowl Champion and soon to be in the Hall of Fame. He is a highly sought after spokesman for several fortune 500 companies like the Denver Broncos, FedEx, Visa, Cadillac, Nike, and Intuit to name a few. He earned three college degrees in business.

Growing up poor was a very humbling experience for Mr. Smith. As he climbed out of the ghetto to get full scholarships to college, he documented the process along the way.
Testimonials From Business and Sports Legends

Robert T. Kiyosaki: Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

In this world of entitlement and corrupted leadership, it is an honor to endorse a true leader, a man who leads by inspiration, perspiration, and generosity, sharing in his book his “secrets to a life beyond success,” especially that secret he calls The Rod Effect.

Ken McElroy, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, and Rich Dad Advisor

This book is a summary of the many lessons he learned from life itself and from his various coaches, mentors, and teachers. I strongly encourage you to read this work from cover to cover and take good notes. Rod’s lessons are invaluable.”

Mike Shanahan, Head Coach of Back-to-Back Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos (1997 and 1998), with One Super Bowl Ring as an Assistant Coach

He set the standard for work ethic by never missing a single off-season workout through his entire fourteen years with the Broncos.

Gary Kubiak, Head Coach of Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos, with Three Super Bowl Rings as Assistant Coach.

The intensity, passion, and preparation he puts into being the absolute very best are the qualities that have made him so successful as a player and person.

Shannon Sharpe, 2011 NFL Hall of Fame, Three-Time Super Bowl Champion, and TV Personality

After watching Rod become successful in football, I’m not the least bit surprised about his success in the business world.

Katherine Lintz, Founder, Matter Family Office, Managers of Families with over Five Billion in Net Worth

Rod is a lifetime learner and a student of success. He generously wrote this book to give skills and confidence to others. He truly believes that, with effort, focus, and grit everyone can be successful, and he is the living proof of it.

Michelle Lucero, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Children’s Hospital Colorado and 2016 Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Businesswoman of the Year

"I believe Rod’s biggest contributions are those he sets forth in The Rod Effect. Rod shows how these lessons can be applied by all who espouse the same drive and determination. This is a leadership book like no other.”

Ken Granville, Co-founder and CEO, MindAptiv

After a year of learning about me and my company, Rod leapt at the chance to become an investor and supporter. He now works closely with me and my team to build bridges to a brighter future for all of humanity. 

Robert Corn, Retired Head Men’s Basketball Coach and Director of Development for Intercollegiate Athletics, Missouri Southern State University

Through his work ethic, commitment, and dedication, he has been able to achieve great things. Everything Rod has learned through his life, he has put it into action, as you will learn in his book. Enjoy the journey.”

Jared Bruggeman, Missouri Southern State University Director of Athletics

“The Rod Effect: Dreaming 2.0 is a great guide to understanding how we can overcome any obstacles and become a shining success in athletics, academics, life, family, and business! 
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